What is Time Line Therapy™?

What is Time Line Therapy™?

In Time Line Therapy™, we focus on allowing you to get rid of all your stored up negative emotions from the past and move forward in a new way, happier and more free.

Why Time Line Therapy™?

  • Have you ever wondered if your life would be different if you weren’t still holding on to old, negative emotions?
    • Do you wish you could “get over” the difficult experiences in your life that have affected you?
    • Do you avoid doing what you want because you’re too afraid?
    • Have you dealt with depression or inappropriate anger, towards others or yourself?
    • Do you wish sometimes you didn’t “overreact” in situations?
    • Do you have anxiety about your future?

If you wish, in any way, that you could be free from your anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt, then it might be useful to consider Time Line Therapy™, a process that will allow you to resolve and release those negative emotions and start to approach your life and experiences in a new, more positive way.

People talk about ’emotional freedom’ and ’emotional control’, but what does that really mean?

Think about every negative emotion you’ve had, difficult time you’ve experienced, or traumatic event in your life.

These all get stored in your mind, unresolved and causing you problems.

Many people live day-to-day with a great deal of ‘baggage’ stored up from years of difficulties and negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt).

The concept may answer many questions as to why you overreact in some situations, and afterwards you wonder why. Some people find they feel ‘over-emotional’, or find it difficult to control their anger, or their sadness.

The process of Time Line Therapy™ allows your unconscious mind to access what it is you need to resolve and let go in order to rid yourself of the baggage. In doing this, you are able to stop holding on to negative feelings from the past that make you unhappy, and gives you ’emotional freedom’ (releasing old negative thoughts and feelings) and ’emotional control’ (giving you the choice to be more positive and happy in the future once these are resolved).

Time Line Therapy™ is the basis of how we deal with negative emotions from the past, particularly those that are stored unconsciously. It works on the process of integrating your conscious and unconscious mind, communicating with your unconscious mind in a way that allows you to completely let go of your old negative emotions and find new resources for the future, dealing with and resolving things in a different way.

This is both easy and important because all change and behaviour is stored and generated by the unconscious mind, so a process that allows us to create learning and change at the unconscious level is particularly effective.

Time Line Therapy™ is different to other Time Line techniques you may have heard of. It is a process developed by Tad James many years ago, after much research and experience in utilising other techniques. In 1985, Tad James, M.S., Ph.D. applied a therapeutic process to the concept of people having an ‘internal memory storage system’ that was introduced by William James in the 1800s.

What he discovered was that using what he’d learned in NLP in a particular way, and applying it to this storage system of internal memory, meant that people could let go of all their negative emotions and baggage that they’ve stored up, and they could do it really quickly.

The “Time Line” refers to your unconscious storage of time, and we go through the process in a way that is completely comfortable and content-free, unlike much therapy nowadays. It allows you to get go of all of your major negative emotions; anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt. Without these holding you back, you are in a completely new phase of your life that allows you to move forward and treat your life and situations differently.

We can also use this process to let go of limiting decisions, which will have definitely held you back in your life – it is the same process used, in a comfortable and content-free way, which allows you to let go of what has limited you, and find new resources to move on with your life.

When we talk about the process being content-free, it is on the basis that we do not sit and talk about the difficult times in your life and significant emotional events that were painful for you. We do not need to discuss them at all to allow you to release the negative emotions that you’ve held. This means it is a comfortable process.

How Does Time Line Therapy™ Work?

The process works by allowing you to remove negative emotions from previous events that you have experienced in your life. This does not mean it affects your recollection of any events, it simply allows you to let go of any anger, or sadness or hurt from difficult times in your life.

This means you can eliminate stress, worry and guilt that has built up over the course of your life, allowing yourself this ’emotional freedom’ that people talk about.

We do this by accessing the unconscious mind and finding answers, resources and learnings that allow you to resolve those negative emotions and therefore release them.