Why Learn About Coaching?

On our Coaching courses, we give our students effective and useful tools to help coach people towards what they want to achieve in life.

One of the most useful things to learn is: what is a coach, and what isn’t.

Are you a coach or a consultant? Do you tell your employees or clients what to do?

Are you a coach or a mentor? Do you give them advice to help them improve their prospects?

When we use the term ‘coach’ in our training, we don’t just focus our attention on those in the business of officially coaching people, such as in a sport or ‘life’ coaching. Understanding what a coach does means that absolutely anyone – if not everyone! – is a coach in some way.

In business, you might want to learn how to coach your employees or coworkers. If that’s the case then you’ll want to learn to do it in the right way, and understand along every step of the way exactly how to help that person along to achieve what they want.

However, with one-to-one coaching you might do with clients, it’s useful to have some real tools in your kit to help your clients move forward.

The idea of coaching is to help someone help themselves towards their goals. To get back on track in their life and work towards their dreams, achieving what they haven’t been able to before your guidance. Being a coach means you can be unbelievably successful in this – it gives your guidance a structure, allows you to help your clients, coworkers, or anyone, in the most positive and valuable way possible.


NLP Coach – Practitioner Level

Our first step is the NLP Coach at Practitioner level. On this Coaching course, we acknowledge the tools you’re using as a practitioner, and draw upon your learnings of how to communicate effectively and have people change what they want to change, and put them into a very effective format that allows you to coach people towards their ideal outcome.

How is this Coaching Different to traditional Coaching?

As mentioned previously, often people don’t know what true coaching is, and end up bossing their clients around, which gets no useful results.

There are also very few tools that allow the person you’re working with to understand more about themselves and others, and to see things differently. After all, someone who needs a bit of coaching is going to need to change a few things to get what they want!

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

As a Coach that understands how people work AND how people can change, we spend time to help the person we’re working with to understand a little more about what and how they can change.

The very first thing we get our clients to do is to write a goal. Without a goal written down, how will you know what you’re coaching them towards? We teach them how to write it in a really specific and effective way, in order for their goal to be as compelling as possible to work towards.

You can then help them with changing their thinking and approaches towards life, their work and their goals in order to get them set on the right path.

Once you have done this with your client, you are in the perfect position to follow a structured coaching plan to help your client towards what they want, utilising your communication skills and tools to continue to guide them on their journey.

With the ability to utilise these tools, you will be able to easily coach people, in a way that is more in-depth and effective than traditional coaching.

You can allow your client to get rid of whatever is currently limiting them, meaning their results will not only be immediate but also easier to obtain for them.

NLP Master Coach

Unlike Coach at Practitioner level, which is in addition to the NLP Practitioner course, this is not a separate course to the NLP Master Practitioner course. This is because the Master Practitioner is slightly longer, and structured in a way that you understand how to become a Master Coach as the training goes along, and all of the new skills you learn as a higher level coach are incorporated into the NLP Master Practitioner training.

Although it is included in the second week of your Master Practitioner course, you will still receive a separate certificate, certifying you as a Master Coach.

You can build upon your NLP Practitioner and coach certification and add your knowledge of:

  • Values
  • Values Level Thinking
  • Motivation Strategies

And you will have an understanding of how to use these approaches with your client to really align them to what they’re doing in life and their job in a whole new way.

One of the really fascinating things we cover at Master Coach level is the art of ‘conversational change’. This allows you to simply have a conversation with your client and begin digging to the root of their ‘real’ problem. You can then utilise your language to damage and fix the real problem they have, just by talking to them!


Breakthrough Sessions

After your NLP Master Practitioner training, you will have the knowledge and confidence to offer your clients valuable breakthrough sessions as an NLP Master Coach.

With this, you have the opportunity to align your client’s Values and Values Level Thinking to their goals. Their new changes and alignment will mean that subsequent coaching will be boosted by their new outlook on life and their potential.

You will also learn the art of conversational change, allowing yourself the ability to have a conversation with your client and begin digging to the root of their unconscious problem. You can then utilise your language to begin damaging the problem before – or even without – getting to specific interventions.


Weight Change Paradigm

Often, people will choose to come to a coach because there are huge parts of their lifestyle that are not working for them. One of the biggest issues is often their weight.

With our exclusive Weight Change Paradigm, you will have the opportunity to market yourself to the weight change industry, by using what we teach you on our NLP Master Practitioner course to fix your client’s unconscious issue that has created the weight problem.

As this has been devised by our trainers, this is not available anywhere else. There will also be no other courses that can give you the processes we teach you in order to make this intervention effective for you and your clients as only our NLP Master Coach students are qualified and taught appropriately to use this process.


The lead trainer on this course is Jovan Lazarov. Jovan is a Certified Trainer of NLP (ABNLP) ,Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™ (TLTA), a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis (ABH) and a Certified Trainer of NLP Coach (ABNLP)