NLP Coaching

Our NLP coaching packages are aimed at supporting you to make the personal or professional change you desire. Quick or long-standing, big or small challenges we would be delighted to support you. NLP is about a mind-set, a way of thinking that breeds success and our ability to achieve so much more.

NLP has a lot of fantastic techniques, which as NLP coaches we have available to support all of our clients. Techniques that will help you scope and move towards your desired goals and outcome, breaking down those barriers, removing past negative emotions that might currently hold you back.

Imagine …. What would you see, hear or feel when you get to your goal? – Are you curious and excited about the possibility? I know I am …

  • Do you feel stuck? 
  • Not caught a glimpse of your goal yet?
  • Have an idea, but don’t feel your can express it clearly?

No problem; the beauty of our coaching is that you first get rid of all the emotional baggage and limitations that have caused you to get stuck, leaving a clear path ahead. During our coaching packages we’ll support you to move forward – as a results based team, we’ll help you get well-formed outcomes, zone in and gain motivation to achieving your goal …

Already on your path to success? -Maybe you’re already rocking and rolling and simply want to create space for thinking, scope the next phase of your journey/project, or fast-track your success …

Your Coaching package will be specifically tailored to you … we believe you have the resources you need within you … so go ahead and Unleash Your Potential … are you ready to invest time in yourself and take massive action to get massive results?


Our Packages

We offer a wide range of packages that we tailor to each individual client’s needs. Below is a sample of packages currently on offer;

Transformation Day

Want a taste of NLP and at the same time free yourself from past emotional baggage? – our Transformation day could be just want you’re looking for click here

Silver Package

Great for people who want help in overcoming a couple of issues, or getting clarity, removing procrastination, off-loading those negative emotions, getting a clear plan and being held accountable to that plan for the first 3 months.

The Silver package is flexible to fit around your lifestyle and time commitments. You will have the benefits of the NLP Transformation Day to kick start your coaching package (delivered either as a 1 day coaching session, or via 2 half day or evening sessions). You will have a goal setting session and we will ensure you’re totally committed to this. You will then benefit from 3 months of face-to-face or Skype coaching sessions where as a challenging friend we’ll hold you to account, but as your personal tour guide as things bubble to the surface you will have the support to tackle these and move forward. All of this is supported via free email support during your package to ensure your success!

A great package for people who want to invest in rocket fuel for their future!

Gold Package

Do you want to make a life without limitations? Want to ensure you keep yourself on track towards achieving your goal? Free yourself from the things that have been holding you back? The gold package is great as a fantastic kick-start to the new you, and in supporting you to sustain momentum towards success.

The gold package is flexible and includes the flexible Transformation Day and coaching delivered over a 6 month period. The gold package is where we get really serious about helping support you to reach the results you desire and are serious about keeping you on track. Imagine, in 6 months time – what you could achieve … what baggage you could get shot of … the clarity you could have …

A great package for people who are serious about achieving personal change and want to grab those results and dreams that perhaps currently seem just out of reach …. You Can Do This!!!

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Platinum Package