NLP Master Practitioner Course

Our NLP Master Practitioner is the next level of obtaining really useful skills. After you have completed NLP Practitioner and Coaching course this is the next step. With your first NLP certificate under your belt, you now have a good grasp of all the NLP fundamentals. Now it the time to take your knowledge and development to the next stage.

This course is available to anyone who has completed our NLP Practitioner and Coaching certifications. The NLP Master Practitioner Course is our next level of certification, allowing you to work on yourself and with others at a whole new level. It is a total of 14 days of course training, split into two 7-day sessions.

On our Master Practitioner course, you will learn, experience – as well as be able to utilise – a full Breakthrough session.  This is designed to target every single issue that you have experienced and give you the tools to change them.

Why would you take the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Course, and what does it look like?

Our NLP Master Practitioner course is designed to expand on your NLP knowledge and teach you how to take all of your skills build upon them. You will have the ability to use your knowledge in a much more effortless fashion. Your new acquired skills will be even more natural to you, allowing you to work easily with yourself or any client.

We will expand and build on many key elements of communication that you’ve learned at NLP Practitioner. You will be taking your knowledge of strategies and getting an even deeper understanding of how they can be utilised in many ways, especially in modeling excellent behavior.

 Among other things you will expand your practitioner knowledge and , you will learn:

  • All practitioner level skills, singly and in combination.
  • Design individualized interventions (generative and remedial).
  • Ecological change work.
  • Shifting easily back and forth between content and form and experience and label.
  • Specific Master Practitioner Skills:
    a. Meta Programs.
    b. Criteria (Values).
    i. identification and utilization.
    ii. criteria ladder.
    iii. elicitation of complex equivalence and adjustment of criteria.
    iv. sleight of mouth.
    c.  Installation and utilization of strategies.
    d. Refined use of submodalities.
    e. Deliberate multi-level communication.
    f. Negotiations.
    g. Presentation skills.
    h. Modeling.
    i. Utilization and transformation of beliefs and  presuppositions.

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