Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Course

Time Line Therapy™ is something you will experience as a client on your 7-day NLP Practitioner course, so this course will allow you to completely change your life as part of a course with wider personal development. Whilst you will experience it as a client, it takes us a little longer to teach you how to use Time Line Therapy™ effectively and safely with a client.

If you choose to continue on your NLP journey, our trainers will take you on a Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner course, which will show you how to use this with a client, and give you even more understanding about how this process works and what it does.

After your 2-day Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner course, you will be certified to use Time Line Therapy™ with others, allowing you to completely change a client’s life as well as your own.

(To use Time Line Therapy™ with a client, you must attend and be certified on a Time Line Therapy™ course.)


Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner Course

To be a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ you must attend our NLP Master Practitioner course, where you will be certified as a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ .

As a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™, you will learn more advanced Time Line Therapy ™ techniques, as well as how to use Time Line Therapy™ on specific issues. (This is not a separate Time Line Therapy™ course, this is part of the NLP Master Practitioner course and included within those 14 days.)


The lead trainer on all Time Line Therapy™ Courses is Jovan is a Certified Trainer of NLP (ABNLP) ,Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™ (TLTA), a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis (ABH) and a Certified Trainer of NLP Coach (ABNLP).


If you would like to enquire about any of our courses, contact us here or call us on 01344935357